Roundup: Street Art in Belfast

When we came to Belfast, we weren't thinking of street art. But then again, how often are you thinking of street art? 

But we were very surprised by how much art there was on the walls of Belfast. Not just the Peace Wall either, which is more like typical graffitti than it is street art as we've come to know it in recent years, which are more murals.

So without further ado, here is the brief roundup of the street art we wandered by on our short visit to Belfast. 

Roundup: Street Art in Belfast

These two pieces of street art were next to each other on a long stretch of wall by the Mac gallery.

Street Art Belfast (StreetScape)
Street Art Belfast (Impressionistic)


I do love a good visual pun, and this black and white man painting over the mural is pretty clever. It reminds me a bit of the cartoon mop guy on the Carol Burnett show, but with a Diego Rivera hat and build. One could look at this as the artist painting over his own work out of frustration.

Street Art Belfast Trompe-l'œil

Political Murals in Belfast

Originally this pixelated angry man brought to mind Johnny Rotten due to his punk rock sneer, but since this is Belfast, the mural is probably of a member of a local paramilitary group. Or maybe it's a Marvel superhero that has yet to be made into a blockbuster summer movie.

Street Art Belfast Pixel Angry Man

The majority of street art in Belfast leans political, especially if you take a tour of the Troubles and the Peace Wall. These pieces can be complicated political statements that men more to locals and historians and people "in the know" about the long and troubled history of Belfast and Northern Ireland.

Political Street Art Belfast
Street Art Belfast Political Troubles

The Best Street Art in Belfast (for last)

This mural is just insane. I love it so much. It really belongs in a museum. Notice how the belly of the dead deer is actually a face? So Francis Bacon.

Street Art Belfast (Black & White)


I'm sure there is much much more street art to be found in Belfast, but we weren't there very long. Feel free to tag us on Instagram with your favorite street art!

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