Who is Visa-Vis?

Visa-Vis travel is Zachary and Jill Stafford. A long-time married couple who decided to leave their comfortable lives in Minneapolis, MN to travel full time. The dream started as a "career break" and was estimated to continue for about one year. Luckily, we discovered house sitting (and managed our budget really well) and have been able to continue traveling beyond the original plan!

We decided to create this site and use the name Visa-Vis as a way to continue to be creative while we are on the road and as a way to provide our perspectives on the places we visit and the demands of long term travel. Our goal is to provide an honest look into what it means to travel full time from two people who approach life from very different perspectives.

Sometimes you will get Zac's perspective, sometimes Jill's and on occasion, both of our perspectives on what we think about a place, image, sound, book or whatever we've experienced. We don't want to candy coat the realities of travel (see our When Shit Goes Wrong page), because sometimes travel sucks and sometimes it's amazing.

We like to talk about hardships of travel as much as the beauty because both experiences have shaped who we are and our perspectives in life. We don't like to have our pictures taken; so you won't see much of us beyond this page. But we are real, we swear.

Jill just a jellyfish

jill stafford

Jill is a planner. She's always trying to solve one sort of puzzle or another (not of the jigsaw variety. Strangely, she doesn't like those). Her mind is often fixed on questions of "why" and "how" and is constantly trying to figure things out. Most days she can be found doing research on where to travel, what to eat, what's happening in the world of textiles, etc. Jill loves to learn new things and has taken classes in knitting, weaving, making buckwheat noodles (with Zac) in Japan, tapestry, yoga, Thai massage and a whole lot more. Jill spent her working career in Retail before transitioning to Business Analysis and Project Management. She really loved doing the work, but needed a break from corporate life. She's been certified to teach yoga (CYT-200) and English as a second language with an additional concentration on teaching Business English. She currently gets her fix of organizing by creating spreadsheets and power points of information for our travels, creating infographics and helping build Visa-Vis. 

Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.”
— Peter Hoeg
Zac contemplating how he can consume more coffee.

Zachary Stafford

As you can see by this image Zac loves to ponder. He is frequently off in some other mental space coming up with one idea or another (like full time travel!). He also loves coffee, whiskey, chocolate, yoga, hiking, most baked goods and is an utterly crazy cat man. Jill likes to call him the "Pied Piper" because if there are animals around, they will find their way to Zac and act as if they've known each other their whole lives. Zac's creative pursuits lie in the written realm. He's a poet in temperament and whipped up some amazing haiku while we were in Japan. By trade Zac is a Digital Marketer who helps businesses find customers online. His goal is to travel as light as possible and has been known to leave some key items behind in his quest for lightness. If you find a random hat in a restaurant, on a boat, or anywhere that's unexpected, it might just be his. They have a way of going missing.


Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.”
— Anonymous

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