I'm not sure when we started wanting to visit Armenia or why exactly. It just kind of became this thing that once we decided to go to Georgia we thought, "we must go to Armenia too". Armenia is such a small country and hasn't had the boon to tourism that its neighbors have had in recent years. There are tensions (mildly put) with its neighbors Turkey and Azerbaijan. Armenia lays claim to being the first country to adopt Christianity and vies for being the oldest wine civilization. Georgia also claims this distinction so it is difficult to know who really came first. But does it matter? There are many instances like these that define this region - countries fight for identity and being able to claim their heritage is a large part of that. There's also been a lot of changes to borders around here so what was once Armenia is now Turkey and so certain cultural items have been absorbed throughout other lands. It's a fascinating place. The mountains are beautiful, the people are beyond generous and the capital feels really modern and safe. You can get your fill of religious sites, history, gorgeous scenery, local interaction, good food and wine all in one day! What more can one ask for?


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Yerevan and the Countryside