The Douro Valley - An Overview

The Douro Valley

We had a difficult time getting our heads around where and what exactly is the Douro Valley. For some reason we had difficulty discerning the borders and towns and areas that were included in this region. Basically just head out east from Porto along the Douro River and you are in the valley. It's more complicated than that, but we're just gonna use this as our working knowledge of the area. The Douro River is incredible and the hills surrounding it are covered in terraces of grape vines and olive trees. It seems there's nothing else growing in this area other than grapes and olives. There are many, many wineries in the area and at least a dozen charming towns to explore as well. The drive along the rive is beautiful and it takes no time to get between one town and another. 

Good To know

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Things To Do

  • Visit the Douro Museum
  • Visit Lamego and the Santuario de Nossa Senhora dos Remedios
  • Drive along the river visiting the many little towns
  • Do a wine tour
  • Taste port

Our Experience

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