Essaouira - an Overview

The town of Essaouira kept popping up whenever I would do research on where to go in Morocco. So I took the hint and dug a bit deeper into why everyone was suggesting we go here. Once I started the digging it became clear that we had to visit this place. I read that this was a great laid back town that provided you with much of what is "the best" about Morocco. The temps are cooler though there are prevailing winds and a dampness that won't quit. The souks are far less chaotic than Marrakech or Fes and the vendors are more laid back. There's live music throughout town most nights. The seafood is fresh, fresh, fresh and the culinary scene is among the best in Morocco. Surely all these things can't be true of one place?! Oh but they are. Be sure to follow the drum beat and add several days to your Moroccan itinerary to explore and relax in this beautiful seaside town.

Good To Know

Good to know - Essaouira (1).png


  • Pick some fish at the market and have it grilled on the spot
  • Wander the seemingly endless beach
  • Shop in the souks for local wood carving
  • Get to know the neighborhood cat(s)
  • Shop the souk for locally produced Argan products
  • Listen to live music at a local cafe
  • Relax and watch the sunset at one of the rooftop terraces

Our Experience

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