Where We Stayed - Essaouira

We set out for our Essaouira adventure from Marrakech via the Supratours bus and arrived promptly at our destination - on time! I saw several locations shown on the map in Essaouira for Supratours so wasn't sure exactly how far we would be from our residence once we arrived. Luckily we were a short 5 minute walk to the amazing apartment we had booked. Perfection!

The entrance door to Maison des Palmiers

We had told the owners of Maison des Palmiers about our arrival time and so understood there would be someone waiting us to provide keys and let us in. Sure enough as we rounded the corner to the gate in front of the building, there was someone there to greet us and let us in. His name was Abdul and he greeted us with a friendly smile and ushered us right in to the apartment.

When we booked, I was sort of confused about the configuration of things and couldn't quite make out what the apartment was actually going to be like. So we were a little surprised and ultimately delighted, to find that our apartment was the ground floor of a beautifully restored courtyard building. There were amazing tiles all over the floors and walls throughout all the rooms. We had a well stocked kitchen and were super happy as we walked out back to the garden and pool area. Abdul showed us the workings of the keys and locks, where the wifi is located and went about his way. 

We took some time to explore the space and were really happy we decided to book here. The first sort of awkward thing we realized is that our apartment while charmingly open to the floors above, was open to the floors above. So this meant we could hear everything the French family upstairs was doing and they could look down on us. This didn't pose any real problems as they were extremely conscientious about noise and light and we were as well. It was just something we've never experienced before. 

The wifi took an absolute dive into the shithole and was totally non functional almost immediately after our arrival. We had a few moments of glory with it, but over the course of the day it just got worse. I contacted the owner and she was on it super fast. Abdul came back over to the house and did something that got it into magnificent working order. We didn't have any other issues with the wifi the rest of the time we were there. 

We totally enjoyed our time at Maison des Palmiers and were happy to spend some time just relaxing and taking in the ambiance of the house itself. We spent some time day dreaming about what it would be like to live there and/or find our own building we could renovate and rent out to others on holiday. We even had a cat to befriend who lived right outside the door. We said more than once this was perfection for us. We were sad when we had to leave. 

Images Inside our apartment at Maison des Palmiers