Fes - an Overview


We were expecting Fes to be like Marrakech in many ways, but found it to be uniquely its own thing. Yes it shares many of the same qualities as Marrakech - size, medina, goods for sale, heat, etc. - but this seems to be where the similarities end. As soon as we arrived in Fes it sort of felt like a breath of fresh air. It was still really hot, to be sure, but somehow it felt less polluted and claustrophobic. The alleyways are really narrow but we've seen nary a motorbike in site. The main things pedestrians have to watch out for in the Medina are donkeys carrying goods up the inclines, vendors and hoards of other people. The shopkeepers have been less hawkish beckoning from their stalls and the overall feeling is one of superior craftsmanship in the goods on offer. We drove through the new city which provided an interesting glimpse into life outside the walled portion of the city and has us intrigued to learn more. We fell for Fes instantly and our time here only deepened our feelings about this place. 

Good To Know

Good to know - Fes.png

Things To Do

  • Travel out of town to the craft village of Sefrou with Culture Vultures
  • Visit one of the Islamic schools to see the incredible tile work on display
  • Have a hammam
  • Pass the time at a cafe
  • Visit one of the many gardens in the new ville
  • Get lost in the labyrinthine alleyways of the largest Medina in Morocco
  • Purchase some quality handmade goods
  • Befriend a local cat

Our Experience

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