Nuremberg, Germany

We were in Germany for one night twenty years ago (on our honeymoon!), so figured that it was time to get to know the country a little better with a visit. At the time we were just passing through on a three week rail journey, and Frankfurt was a logical 1/2 way point between Prague and Amsterdam, where we were spending more time.

I don’t regret not coming to Germany sooner, and I won’t be in a rush to come back. Although I will say that Nuremberg did exceed our expectations, and in many ways felt like the old Europe that people keep alive in their imaginations - an old castle, a moat, a river with charming bridges, sidewalk cafes and street food in big plazas with tall and elaborate clocks that drum and dance.

All of it painstakingly rebuilt after 90% of it was destroyed in WW2.

We found ourselves in Nuremberg for a house sit for a few beautiful weeks in September. I have to say, we couldn’t have planned our time in Nuremberg any better because September is a perfect time to visit.

What We saw and did while in Nuremberg

We are always reluctant to give a list of things you should do in a given town, and Nuremberg is no exception. We just aren’t experts on hotels in Nuremberg as we stayed in a German home to care for their cats. We DO get out as much as possible while house sitting, and we did have the fortune to rent a car twice while in Nuremberg, so we could get out and have some good day trips close to the city.

Nuremberg in detail