Day 13: The Republic of Georgia Tour with Living Roots

In this 14 part series, we present voice recordings and tidbits taken during our tour in The Republic of Georgia that was organized by Living Roots. You'll get to see and hear what we saw each day and how we felt about it. We did not edit the voice recordings or photos so you can really get a sense of how we were feeling and what we experienced on this trip. We hope you enjoy these experiences. 

Day 13: Summary

What an incredible day, Day 13 has been. We're winding down our tour and are feeling incredibly fond of this country and its people. Our day started out at a "proper" hotel in Tbilisi where we were reunited with Shota for a relaxing drive to the Kakheti region. This is the prominent wine making region of Georgia and also where Shota's winery is located. Our first stop was to a fourth generation qvevri maker. And oh god was this fascinating! The qvevris are all slab shaped by hand and were bigger than we could have imagined. An incredible start to the day. Next, on our drive we stopped at the third largest (and amazingly beautiful) church in Georgia. This was a particularly special visit as this is the place where Shota was married and he was clearly so proud of the area. We were all getting hungry and had lunch scheduled at Cafe Marletta and so we headed on near Telavi. Before we got to lunch, however, we stopped by the house of the proprietors of the cafe to see their garden and their cheesemaking operation. There wasn't so much cheese making happening but the property and garden were absolutely stunning. We could see the love of locale and ingredients that ended up on our plates at Cafe Marletta. Once there we had one of the most incredible meals we had to date on this tour. The environment was just comfortable, inspiring and very creative and really showed the love for the area and for their family. The cheese was outstanding as well as all the food. We all osrt of sat in an absolute reverie for a long time and all walked away thinking "I would love to live here". But we had other amazing experiences ahead of us, including a visit to a master weaver Lili Murtazashvili. Not only does she weave incredible rugs, wall hanging, etc. but she is a master natural dyer. She has created over 50 colors of dye from natural resources including a blue from a tree! I was so overstimulated and also really wishing I could spend more time with her. Zac purchased some incredible slippers that are traditional to the Tusheti region which he absolutely loves. But wait! There's still more. With the day winding down, we had the incredible fortune of visiting Shota's winery (Lagazi winery) and having a traditional dinner at his home. This was an absolute treat for us, not only because the wine and food were amazing, but because we were able to meet Shota's family and see the beautiful place where he lives. It was truly an incredible day and we are sad our tour is coming to an end. But not before more amazing activities on the last day. Hear all about our day below.

Highlights include: Started out in Tbilisi and reunited with Shota, gorgeous drive to the Kakheti wine region, visit to the third largest church in Georgia, a visit to a fourth generation traditional qvevri maker, visit to a local house of a local cheese maker and who own the restaurant we visited for lunch (Cafe Marletta near Telavi), a visit to a felt/weaving/natural dye artisan, drinks and incredible dinner at Shota's house & winery (Lagazi winery)

Day 13: Photo Roundup

This is the thirteenth of 14 posts covering every aspect of our tour of the Republic of Georgia with Living Roots. We really hope you enjoy them!