Day 6: The Republic of Georgia Tour with Living Roots

In this 14 part series, we present voice recordings and tidbits taken during our tour in The Republic of Georgia that was organized by Living Roots. You'll get to see and hear what we saw each day and how we felt about it. We did not edit the voice recordings or photos so you can really get a sense of how we were feeling and what we experienced on this trip. We hope you enjoy these experiences. 

Day 6: Summary

On the sixth day of our tour of Georgia we had a mixed weather bag - first heavy rain, then snow!, then the most amazing blue skies. Our drive today included a super mud slicked windy road, rockslides and crossing waterfalls. Thanks to Shota's masterful driving, we arrived in Ushguli (the highest continually inhabited village in Europe) a little ruffled but amazed at the beauty of this place. Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate and we were completely rained out from wandering the streets of the village. We did have an enormous lunch where we ultimately shared our leftovers with another table. Oh, and it snowed like crazy! Jill was super excited by the snow; Zac was decidedly less excited to see the giant white flakes that were making visibility so difficult. Once we were back in Mestia, the skies were a gorgeous blue and we settled in to a Georgian folk music and dance show. It was incredible to watch these kids sing and dance and whirl themselves around the stage. They were super good! Once back for dinner, we were treated to some more amazing folk dance and music by some of the kids who were staying in our guesthouse. They were definitely keen to impress the foreign guests and they absolutely did! We're so glad we were in town for this. Hear and see more from our day below.

Highlights include: Rainy then super snowy visit to the village of Ushguli via another harrowing drive, visit to LaMaria Monastery, eating an embarrassment of delicious food while watching the snow fall heavily outside the window, local dance and folk music festival in Mestia, dinner accompanied by more Georgian music from the local kids

Day 6: Photo Roundup

Listen in on one of the performances of some traditional Georgian folk music. We just loved the energy of their performance.

This is the sixth of 14 posts covering every aspect of our tour of the Republic of Georgia with Living Roots. We really hope you enjoy them!