G38 Boutique Apartments - Haifa, Israel

We decided to use Haifa as a base while we explored around the Northern area of Israel. We wanted to have an apartment so we could save some money and cook our own meals and so that we could feel a bit more established than staying in a tiny hotel room. My research led me to G38 Boutique Apartments near the Ba'hai gardens.

What Drew Us to the G38 Boutique Apartments?

As long term travelers, there were several things that drew us to booking at the G38 Boutique Apartments: 1. The outside of the building is contemporary and kind of funky. 2. The rooms looked like a very clean and modern design 3. Parking was available 4. The location is near the Ba'hai gardens. 5. Laundry is available on site.

G38 Boutique Hotel Haifa, Israel

G38 Boutique Hotel Haifa, Israel

We had a lot of communication with David (one of the owners) leading up to check in and needed to get in touch with him when we arrived. There was an initial mix up with our dates but David was able to get that sorted - we just needed to change rooms partway through our stay. We were able to get in touch with him when we arrived and within a few minutes he was at the apartments to provide access and show us around. 

Our impression of the apartment is really good. The design is very clean and modern and suited our taste. The size was good and we had enough room to do yoga. The shower was ok, though I struggled a bit with the head of the first shower we had. The location was indeed excellent and we didn't have any issues with finding parking. We were able to make several meals though the kitchen wasn't really equipped to handle a lot of chopping or elaborate cooking. The bed was super comfy and we were able to obtain non-down pillows after a few phone calls. We also made use of the laundry facility several times, which was absolutely fantastic. It was the first time we machine dried our clothes in a really long time! 

What Could Make the G38 Boutique Apartments Perfect?

Overall we had a great stay at the G38 Boutique Apartments, though there are some things that could make the stay even better.

Confession: I have a weird thing about sitting on the bed or using my pillows when I am wearing street clothes. I just feel icky about getting all that dust and such on my bedding. I know there are probably worse things going on on the bedding than what I might be adding by sitting on it, but this is just a weird thing I have. We had a chair at at desk/table and then two bar stools at a bar in the kitchen. Other than that there was the bed. So if I wanted to relax in "soft seating" we needed to sit on the bed.

The kitchens could also do with a bit more attention - there were no cutting boards or chopping knives, two things which are really important to us when we are looking to make meals. But if you are creative with a single burner and an electric kettle (like we are!) you can make a few easy meals in a pinch. 

I would definitely recommend staying at the G38 Boutique Apartments. It was a great location, the stay was comfortable and David was super great to work with. If you are looking for an apartment hotel with an international dorm style, this place is for you. But if you are staying for a long period of time, you may need some modifications, which I'm sure David is more than willing to help with.

G38 Boutique Apartments was gracious enough to offer us one free night during our stay. While we are thankful for their support, their generosity had no impact on this review. All opinions are my own.