Why We House Sit

Housesitting affords us the opportunity to learn about a place slowly over time - while providing a much needed service to others who enjoy traveling. We've met some amazing animals (and their owners), picked gorgeous flowers and learned so much since we started. We've grown so fond of the animals we've cared for that we decided you should get to know them too - check out the "Pet Profiles" link for more information on our new fuzzy friends.



Furry & feathered friends!

We both love animals, helping people and traveling, so house & pet sitting allows us to satisfy all these needs. Traveling so much makes us miss having any pets in our own lives so petsitting gives us that as well. Let’s be honest. Cat videos on Facebook are great, but nothing quite like a warm ball of fur in your lap at night!

We've made loads of furry friends during our adventures in house sitting. Feel free to check out our Pet Profiles on the next page.



Having purchased our first home at the young young ages of 23 & 25 respectively, and remodeled and sold two more since then, we are well equipped to care for a home as if it is our own.  

We were responsible for showing the house to prospective buyers during one sit, which meant some minor yardwork and keeping the house show ready at all times. We are proud to say that while the owners were on vacation, the house sold!


we are Experienced

In the digital age, it's easy to give you the comfort and knowledge that your pets and house are safe and happy. To do this we usually connect on Facebook where we post pictures and send updates regularly.

We created a Tumblr account called 'Postcards From Rocco', and sent daily “postcards” to our friend, written from the point of view of Rocco, her poodle who we were watching while she was away. It was so much fun to write, and she loved knowing that her puppy was safe and having an amazing time while she was basking in the sun in Mexico.


Zac and Jill were easily the best sitters we’ve ever had. They were attentive, caring and more than willing to go the extra mile. From the very beginning, communication was great on both ends....should the opportunity arise again for another sit with them (and hopefully it does soon!), our companions would undoubtedly be loved.
— Sandra & Corey, Wabasha, Minnesota
When we returned our cat was happy and healthy and our house was the cleanest it has ever been. We would happily have Zac and Jill as sitters again and I heartily recommend them to anyone else who is considering them.
— Craig D, Scotland
Jill & Zach are a lovely couple; fun, friendly, interesting and great with animals. We’d have them back in a heartbeat. They left the house beautifully clean and our cats happy - what more could you ask for?
— Vicky, Aylesbury, United Kingdom
Jill and Zac were undaunted by everything that was thrown at them. They had never looked after chickens before, but being quick and willing learners they did a fantastic job...
— Diane, Brittany, France

pet profiles

We've fallen for the animals (and flowers) that we've cared for so we decided we needed to create a profile page to honor them. We can't wait to tell you all about them and we bet you'll fall for them too. 

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