Zac had been to Indonesia when he was in high school (Jakarta and environs) but never made it to Bali. He always spoke so fondly of his time here and seemed to have a real affinity for the place. Jill had been wanting to go to Bali for a long time, despite reservations about how touristy it would be. So we both decided that we would happily spend a little over one week in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia as we made our way from Asia to Norway. We toyed around with the idea of doing a yoga retreat and just blissing out, but we decided we'd rather see and experience more in this place than just the resort itself. Ubud was way better than either of us expected. There's this interesting mix between traditional and modernization. The imprint of tourism is strong for sure, but somehow, the cultural backbone remains. Temples are abundant and each morning locals take the time to distribute packets of offerings in front of doorways. Light poles are adorned with bamboo or palm leaf weavings and decorations and you will often see locals walking or scootering around wearing sarongs and other traditional garments. Then there's the food. You can eat at traditional warungs (small family owned cafes) or larger (usually western owned) restaurants. Vegans and vegetarians will delight at the ease with which they can order food from anywhere in town and it will be delicious. Juices are abundant and the food prices are so incredible. We both found ourselves thinking we could spend more time exploring Bali but absolutely tired of the western influences of money and a bit of twee-ness. What we saw of Bali definitely has us wanting to explore more of the island itself, but also the rest of Indonesia.

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