House Hunting in Norway

House hunting was one of our favorite pastimes before we started to travel full time. Okay, maybe it wasn’t a pastime. Maybe it was more of an obsession. I mean, it’s not like we went to open houses every weekend, but we did at one point have a condo in St. Paul and a house in Minneapolis, and even then continued to look up houses that had fresh ‘for sale’ signs in the yard.

What the Hell is a Gapahuk?

I was wondering this very same thing, and so I googled it. The results weren’t that satisfying, so I thought I would explain things in a little more detail. Hopefully you’ll find this more helpful than the time I tried to define “full time travel” by telling you what it isn’t. So here it is. The real definition of what a gapahuk is.

Visiting the Lillehammer Art Museum

Visiting the Lillehammer Art Museum

If you’re ever in Lillehammer on a rainy or blustery day, I recommend checking out the Lillehammer Art Museum. We spent a delightful afternoon checking out their temporary exhibit and then moved on to a selection of their permanent collection. It’s kind of the perfect size for a museum, you won’t get eye fatigue wandering the galleries for hours on end.

How We Learned to Conserve Water in Norway

Our first impression of Norway was that of cold rain. Summer is quite different, especially when the country is facing its driest and hottest spell since 1947. This has implications in Oppland, which is mainly farm, and for us specifically since we pull our water from a well. This is how we we learned about water conservation - the hard way.