Istanbul - An Overview


We have wanted to come to Istanbul since we were kids. I don't know why it took us so darn long to get here. The events of the past year and a half had us a bit worried to make the trip, but circumstances conspired to put Istanbul right in front of us and we decided to take it. Everywhere we went people asked us where we are from and were so surprised and grateful that we decided to visit Istanbul.

This city had built up a lot of business in tourism and now they are really struggling with the downturn. We found Istanbul to be lively, modern, fun and full of history. We weren't watching over our shoulders every time we went out or feeling nervous about safety at all. Many of the people we met were as concerned about current events as everyone else around the world.

But what we found were people who were ready to embrace us, people concerned about their future, and confidently heading toward it. I hope they can bounce back from recent events and continue on their path. Istanbul is enormous and each neighborhood feels completely different than the rest. There really is something for everybody in this incredible place. We hope more people come and experience it.

Good To Know

Good to know - Istanbul.png

Things To Do

  • Visit the Hagia Sophia 
  • Take a ferry out to Princes Islands for the day
  • Take the Hop On/Off ferry to experience the Bosphorous
  • Take in the sunset from a rooftop bar
  • Go to Istanbul Modern for great views and fabulous art
  • Get an IstanbulKart to make public transport cheap and easy
  • Wander the myriad neighborhood winding streets
  • Take a food tour with Culinary Backstreets
  • Take a hammam
  • Shop the Grand Bazaar for anything you want!
  • Wander through the restored Spice Market

Our Experience

Our Experience - Istanbul.png