Jeju Island - An Overview


You might be thinking to yourself, "Jeju-Do, what's that? Where's that?" which is how we were feeling when we first started doing research for our trip to South Korea. We knew surprisingly little about South Korea when we started looking, but this little island off the southern coast just kept popping up. Apparently, it's a top destination for Korean honeymooners. It's known for being home to South Korea's highest mountain, for hallabong oranges and for free diving women . There's also the Jeju-Olle hiking trail which is based off of the Camino in Spain and circles the entire island. This would be an amazing multi day trek, but we only hopped on a few of the trails here and there. There's a local saying that people on the island often throw out when speaking with you, "We have three things in abundance in Jeju-do: wind, women and rocks". This is all very true. You should definitely include a few days on Jeju-do on your next trip to South Korea. 

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Things To Do

  • Eat at Su Udon 
  • Explore the charming town of Hyeopjae
  • Have an afternoon of art in the town around the Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Enjoy the view (and food) at Zen Cafe 
  • Try some of the Hallabong Oranges
  • Be like a local and take selfies/portraits in the blooming rapeseed fields
  • Climb Mt. Hallasan 
  • Soak in the carbonated springs near Sanbangsan Mt.
  • Walk around tiny Udo island
  • Watch the sunrise from Seongsan Ilchulbang
  • Walk to the cave temple at Sanbangsan Mt.
  • Wander along the amazing cliffs at Yongmeorie coast

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