Jerusalem - An Overview


Complex doesn't even begin to describe Jerusalem. There are so many different factions of people vying for this small plot of land. The Old City seems to dominate what there is to do here, but getting outside of of those walls provides a much different experience. Most of the tourist offerings here have to do with religious experiences but you can find other things to do as well. This is a good town for walking and the tram makes getting to major spots really easy. Just beware of Sabbath and Jewish holidays as the impacts of observance can be felt in many aspects of life. We have conflicted feelings about Jerusalem - at once intrigued by the history and religious ceremony, and then disappointed in how dirty and brusque the city and it's inhabitants can be. 

Good To Know

Good to know - Jerusalem.png

Things To Do 

  • Walk the ramparts for a great view of the city
  • Get a taste of the new city in the Mamilla neighborhood
  • Visit the Machane Yehuda market - go on a Thursday or early Friday if you like a crowd
  • Wander the streets of the Old City
  • Have a juice 
  • Visit Temple Mount
  • Climb Mount of Olives
  • Soak up the history in Gethesmane Gardens and Church of all Nations

Our Experience

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