Day 2: Car Camping - Kyushu, Japan Edition


In this 8 part series, we present voice recordings and tidbits taken during our car camping adventure on the island of Kyushu, Japan. You'll get to see and hear what we saw each day and how we felt about it. We did not edit the voice recordings or photos so you can really get a sense of how we were feeling and what we experienced on this trip. We hope you enjoy these experiences as much as we did! 

Camper Van in Japan DAY 2: SUMMARY

The day started out super windy and a bit cloudy, but we decided to head out for a walk anyway. A stop at the nearest visitor center, found us with some maps and a difficult to read Japanese note in our hands as we set out to find our 5-6hr hike. The hike was beautiful up into the mountains from a marsh, but we made some wrong turns and fairly quickly wound up back at the start. But that was ok, because what little of the hike we did was beautiful and our mistake provided us with more time to go explore another area. So off we drove to Oike Pond to get some fresh spring water and do another little hike that had an unexpected surprise - a waterfall! We were feeling a bit grubby at this point and decided to do some laundry and have a scrub. We pulled the camper van into a small onsen town and got down to business. Zac had a good clean while I waited for the laundry. I could have played some gambling games (the gambling machines far outnumbered the washer/dryers) but decided to just sit and read while I waited. A man from one of the onsen came in with three different loads of towels to dry. We exchanged pleasantries but that was about it. We drove back to our previous campsite and had the place all to ourselves to weather the continued strong winds.  

Highlights include:  Set out to do a 5-6 hr hike but turned it into 1.5 hrs due to some wrong turns. Walked through the windy marsh. Then drove to Oike Pond to get some fresh spring water straight from the earth. Beautiful walk in the woods to a lovely waterfall in the wind and light rain. Notable tree on the walk. Laundry in an onsen town where Zac was able to onsen while laundry was being done. Zac was yelled at by two older ladies in kimonos to move the van. Same camping place as the previous night. No freezing! 

Camper van in Japan Day 2 Photo Roundup

This is the second post in a series of 8 posts covering each day of our car camping Kyushu adventure. We really hope you enjoy them! If you would like to see all of them in one place, find them listed below.