Day 7: Car Camping - Kyushu, Japan Edition

In this 8 part series, we present voice recordings and tidbits taken during our car camping adventure on the island of Kyushu, Japan. You'll get to see and hear what we saw each day and how we felt about it. We did not edit the voice recordings or photos so you can really get a sense of how we were feeling and what we experienced on this trip. We hope you enjoy these experiences as much as we did! 



A hard rain was gonna fall, and it did! We woke up to a downpour that continued for our entire drive and into our destination - Takachiho Gorge. So, we decided to scrap our five hour walk and waited out the rain in the van. Luckily we had picked up some lunch so had a picnic in the car while we listened to the pounding rain on the rooftop. All in one instant that rain stopped and the sun came out which created some super steamy conditions. We descended into the gorge area along with hundreds of others once the rain stopped. While the gorge is beautiful it's super touristy and busy. We watched a traffic jam of boats in the gorge itself and had a giggle as we watched people trying to navigate the narrow passageway. We grew weary of the crowds and decided to move on further into the mountains for the night. Our first campground stop was a beautiful place that just was too expensive for what we want to spend. The owners (a Japanese man and his Canadian wife) were so kind and gave us several suggestions of where we could stay for free or low cost. We stopped at a local market and were lucky enough to procure lunch for tomorrow at half price! That made Jill's cheap little heart happy. So on we went to another campground where Jill had a shitty attitude about not free camping and the cost of the stay. This was all smoothed away, however, when she got out and walked around the grounds. Such amazing light and views of the surrounding mountains. This was sure to soothe the frugal beast. So we relaxed and had a nice dinner and prepped ourselves for our long hike tomorrow. Night night.

Highlights include: Really long day back up north and it's cold! Super rainy day for our Takachiho Gorge adventure, drove 3 hours and sat in the van waiting out the rain, once it stopped we walked along the short trail along the gorge, a bit disappointed mixed with a bit of enjoyment of the gorge itself, stopped by a campground that was too expensive for us but the couple who ran it were so nice, stopped by a local farmer's market for some half-priced bento boxes, we ended our day at another campground and Jill had a bad attitude, a walk around the grounds led to better feelings and some gorgeous views.

Day 7 Photo Roundup

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