Marrakech - An Overview


Wandering around Marrakech's Medina is like wandering through a labyrinth desired and curated by a hoarder. Then you add in people on bikes and motobikes and you have one insane pollution field alley. Now I know I made this sound horrible, and it can be, but it also is quite charming. As you wander around and every shop's wares are set out into the narrow alleyways and the motobikes are getting so close you can feel the heat on your legs, you get a sense of the liveliness of this place. There'a an energy here that just carries you forward even on intensely hot days. Contrast this experience with that of walking around the new part of the city. This area feels downright expansive and lush. You can actually walk side by side with your travel partner or just feel a little nimbus of free space surrounding your body. Marrakech is an intoxicating combination of so many elements thrust upon your senses and your being that it's hard to resist. With all this stimulation it's a really good idea to book into a relaxing oasis of a riad so you can take some time out from exploring and recharge yourself.

Good to Know

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  • Wander the Medina
  • Watch over Jema El Fina from a terrace
  • Visit the Majorelle Gardens & YSL museum
  • Take a hammam
  • Take a Marrakech Food Tour
  • Drink lots and lots of fresh pomegranate juice

Our Experience

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