Where We Stayed - Marrakech

There are tons of options for places to stay in Marrakech. Traveling full time means we have some specific requirements in a place and we try to strike a balance between affordability, comfort and style. We decided to stay in different places for each one of our stays in Marrakech. This allowed us to get a good sense of what sort of accommodation is on offer. Note: All the riads we selected are in the Medina.

La Ferme Medina

We spent our very first night in Marrakech (and Morocco) at La Ferme Medina. I selected this place because I was drawn in by the white walls, natural woodwork and pale color scheme throughout. It exactly matched our aesthetic and we instantly felt at home. The riad consists of about five rooms above a restaurant. The reviews online mostly referenced the restaurant and I saw no reviews for the actual accommodation when booking. We were very happy with our overnight here, though the internet was a bit tricky. We couldn't get it to work worth a damn in the room and even down in the restaurant was a bit dicey. However, the staff were super kind and even made breakfast for us early the next day since we departed quite early for our next adventure. This was not a posh place to stay, but it was super calm, and felt luxurious in that sort of spa way. It was also a short walk from where the taxis can let you out so this is a plus. We would recommend staying here for sure. 


Bliss Riad

The Bliss Riad is a bit more expensive and posh than what we would normally choose in a place to stay, but we knew we would be returning from about 10 days out in a Berber Village and the Sahara and thought pampering ourselves would not be unwelcome. We are so glad we made this decision. The riad is absolutely gorgeous in all its whitewashed splendor. Our room was quite small and dark, but it felt luxurious. We had little alcoves on one wall where there were some artifacts lived. There was a lot of attention in detail in this riad and it was definitely appreciated. The staff were incredibly kind and welcoming and the breakfast was absolutely delicious. There are many common rooms to sit in an cool off from the heat outside and the rood terrace was a very welcome place to rest. We would highly recommend staying at the Bliss Riad and would not hesitate to book there again.


Riad UP - Urban Paradise

This was the most luxuriant of our stays in Marrakech but we only had one night so we figured, why not? The taxi driver had some difficulty with getting us to the proper place, but after speaking with the owner of the riad we were righted. She even came out to the taxi to walk us back. This is one secluded riad and would have proven difficult to find on our own. Google maps isn't quite right about its location either, but don't let this stop you. It is easy enough to navigate once you know the way. The riad is absolutely stunning and has a little "L" shaped pool to boot. We were greeted warmly by the resident tortoise, turtle and cat and found them to be very entertaining companions for the night. Elsa, the owner, was very attentive and kind and made sure we were comfortable and felt welcome. The room was the smallest of all our stays in Marrakech so that would have been an issue if we had been staying for a longer time. This was an amazing selection for one or two nights and we were sad to leave the next morning. Which we reluctantly did after a very tasty breakfast. We would definitely recommend this riad.