Where We Stayed - Valladolid

We purposely booked a less expensive apartment for our three week stay in Merida knowing we would spend additional money on little overnight trips to explore the surrounding area. Our first "getaway" in the Yucatan was to the charming town of Valladolid. It's just a quick 2 hour drive from Merida but we wanted to do some good exploring of various Mayan sites and cenotes so booked into the Hotel Posada San Juan for an overnight stay.

The unassuming little sign indicating we were in the right place.

The unassuming little sign indicating we were in the right place.

I'm just going to start by saying that this place is more expensive than we usually pay to stay somewhere but we figured we wanted to treat ourselves and it looked amazing from the photos and reviews. And oh, it was. From the moment we walked in to the Hotel Posada San Juan, we felt totally comfy; as if the building and the environment beckoned to us to stay and relax. It took some coaxing to break the spell and go out for lunch and exploration of the town. 

The man at the desk was extremely kind and gave us lots of information on what there was to do in town as well as additional details of what to check out in the Yucatan. The rest of the service was equally amazing as everyone was so incredibly nice.

The hotel is set on a corner across from a church and park. It's sort of easy to miss really, but once you step inside it totally opens up. There is a large reception room, a sitting room with gift shop and then dining space and the gorgeous courtyard with more seats and a pool. It's just serene. The decor is all white and deep wood tones, nothing over the top or too colorful, simplicity at its best.

We had room 1 which was located in between the reception area and the dining area. I was a little bummed we weren't in the courtyard but loved the room nonetheless. The beds were incredibly comfortable and the sheets super soft. Oh, it was really good sleep. There's a hammock if you prefer to sleep in there as is traditional in the Yucatan.

Breakfast the next morning was fantastic. There are self serve items like bread for toast, yogurt, fruit, hard boiled eggs, etc. but don't fill up on this stuff. There's the possibility to have eggs with tortillas, beans and salsa. Do yourself a favor and take this option. The eggs Mexican style were incredible and the beans were silky and so so tasty. 

I think you can tell we absolutely loved our stay at Hotel Posada San Juan. In fact, I'm trying to figure out if I can justify another trip there.

P.S. - We totally forgot to take pics before leaving so Zac ran back in and snapped the few that you see here. Ugh, we'll remember to do this sometime I hope.