A Visit to the Folk Art Museum of Merida, Mexico

The Folk Art Museum of Yucatan was the first museum we visited during our stay in Merida. Zac sometimes isn't such a fan of folk art and I can be 'meh' about it myself, but this one was amazing.

We were surprised to find the museum is free to visit but then came to learn that seems to be the case for all museums in Merida that we visited. There were few people in the museum on the day we visited, though I suspect it does not ever get very busy. As with other museums in the area, we had to sign in and answer a few questions, but then we were off to explore.

Visiting the Folk Art Museum Merida Mexico.png

The collection begins on the first floor with information that sets you up to be able to better understand the works in the remaining part of the collection upstairs. Once upstairs you will find several rooms showing textiles and clothing, papier mache, pottery, trees of life, etc. Each section is accompanied by a description of the work and where it is from. Even though this is a Yucatan museum, there is an awful lot of work on display from Oaxaca. 

We both loved this little museum. The works on display were really well done and great examples of the art and craft of the Yucatan and Oaxaca. It's fantastic to see such pride and support being given to the arts throughout Mexico. It's obvious from the focus the Mexican government gives on the arts that this is an important part of their heritage. I certainly think it contributes a lot to the overall feeling of the area and gives visitors a real sense of the heritage and craftsmanship of the Yucatan people. 

The Folk Art Museum was a short but absolutely delightful visit. I could see myself coming here quite often for some inspiration or just to linger amongst the beautiful works of art. The shop in the lobby also has some great handmade items for purchase as well. Don't miss this lovely little museum next time you find yourself in Merida.

Our Favorite Pieces at the Folk Art Museum of Yucatan - Merida

Bonus Folk Art near the Museum!

We were in Merida over the Day of the Dead celebrations and while we missed the big parade we saw devotions large and small throughout the city. The park just in front of the Folk Art Museum was decorated in gobs of flowers making patterns and decorations celebrating the fest. This was a great appetizer for the art we found within the folk museum that day and really whet our appetites for what we saw. Serendipity.