As far as dream places are concerned, Morocco is near the top. Spending any amount of time here had been a desire for both of us since we can remember. I never know how these little seeds of desire for a particular place start. Perhaps we saw some tv show or magazine profiling why we should visit Morocco now - there seems to be some sort of article like this every year. Perhaps it's the textiles, metal work, spices and food that caught our attention. Whatever it was, it was persistent and we finally scratched that itch. Morocco has been everything we wanted and so much more. The colors are incredible, the rugs amazing and the people welcoming. The amount of crap that is for sale is a bit overwhelming, though, and the hawking can be tiresome. Somehow though, it seems to work. There are nefarious characters to be sure, but the overwhelming feeling has been one of welcome. So take some time and see much of what this wildly diverse country has to offer. It really is an incredible journey.

Helpful Tidbits About Morocco

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Details on Regions visited

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