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There are so many tidbits from our travels that we want to share with you. Call this page a "catch all", call it "potpourri", you'll find all sorts of interesting information here.

travel stats

We like data. Zac more than Jill, but she can really get down with a good info graphic (her preferred data consumption method). Here we attempt to capture information on our long-term travels - countries we've visited, how long we've been traveling, number of miles gone, number of almost marriage ending arguments, etc. The devil is in the data, after all. 

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visa-vis books

We love to read and traveling provides perfect moments for this activity. We do, however, prefer actual, tangible books to e-readers (we have slowly taken to listening to Audible though). We are also addicted to bookstores and as we travel around we continually seek them out and pick up what catches our fancy.

Loving tangible books is great but, we have limited space for carrying things, so we leave these books behind wherever we are. We hope someone else picks up the book and follows the instructions on the stickers inside that ask them to read the book, tell us about it, and tell us where they are via a hashtag on Instagram. 

You can also follow the hashtag #visavisbooks on Instagram to follow the entire path of these books we leave behind on our travels.

Read our reviews of the books we've read below. Some of them have been amazing and some have just left us wondering why we carried all that weight around. 

When Shit Goes wrong

It's not all sunshine and roses out on the road. Sometimes things just go wrong. But we find that sometimes these make the funniest and most memorable moments of our travels. This page is dedicated to those stories that perfectly illustrate the shit that goes wrong when traveling. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes it's really irritating and sometimes it's both those things and more.

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