Pet Profiles

A fair amount of our global travels have included pet sitting for a wide range of furry, feathered and floral beings. Each one of them stole a piece of our hearts and taught us something on the way.

House Sitting Rescue Dog

Lola - Wabasha, MN (1 month house sit)

We never thought we would fall in love with a Chihuahua, let alone a vegan rescue Chihuahua, but Lola managed to worm her way into our hearts within minutes. Dislikes: strollers, bikes, children, the rustle of leaves, duck hunters, fireworks. Likes: rolling over dead birds, long walks to the Mississippi, a warm lap.

House Sitting Scotland

tonks - dalry, scotland (2 MONTH house sit)

Tonks was a very very vocal kitty. She told us when she wanted food, and when she We've never met such a food focused cat. She also liked Jill's hair, especially when yoga was done. One time when we were late in getting back to the house, she came out to greet us at the car and promptly told us of our lateness.

House Sitting Elderly Pets Leo

Leo - WABASHA, MN (1 month house sit)

14 years old, going on 2. Even a pinched nerve in his back didn't keep him from running around and taking the stairs at top speed, despite the limited mobility and undoubted pain! Leo saw a glimpse of heaven when he managed to stick his whole head into the bin of kibble.

House Sitting Vermiglio, Italy

flowers - vermiglio, italy (3 MONTH House sit)

Our first house sit wasn't for a house. There were no pets. It was a small business that grew and dried flowers and herbs that were then made into lotions, teas and edibles. We had a fantastic time with all the flowers and family atmosphere in Vermiglio.


Limpy & Friends - Brittany, France (3 month house sit)

Limpy was an aptly named battery chicken, meaning she was rescued from certain death from a chicken mill. This is how she became injured but was brought back to reasonable health and now eats right out of your hand!


Sooty - Brittany, France    (3 month house sit)

Tick magnet. Mud magnet. Troublemaker. Always underfoot. Sweet as pie. Once sat in our laps purring while we dug a tick out of his face, rolled over and fell back asleep. 


Miss Kitty Grey - Brittany, France (3 month house sit)

AKA The Queen. Older than Sooty and willing to remind him of her seniority with a quick slap. Loves the sun and sitting in laps. Knows what she wants, knows how to get it. Also gives great hugs.

Pet Profiles Nina

nina - Waddesdon, england (2 week house Sit)

This beautiful gal is called Nina. She has a very light meow but a VERY strong purr. You could often hear her across the room when she really got going. She loves slinking around legs and sometimes goes so far as to sit on your lap; but only for a few moments. For her, there is too much of a good thing. 


Poppy - Jerusalem (2 week house Sit)

Such a kitten. Everything that moved drew her attention. That means feet at night! She would curl up on our legs at night and was all purr and figure 8's in the kitchen. One would swear that she took a newspaper (kitten times?) into the litter box with her. She has a great reach with those paws too. All my scratches are from Poppy.


Ollie, Mollie, Koda - Jerusalem (2 week house Sit)

You couldn't ask for three better dogs. They stayed outside all the time. It was no small feat getting them all in the same photo looking at the camera at the same time. It took two weeks in fact! Look at those sweet faces!

Pet Profiles Sushi

Sushi - waddesdon, england (2 week house sit)

As you can see from this photo, Sushi has A LOT of personality. He's a very quiet kitty whom Zac caught napping on the chair. He went from only having paws exposed to this incredible look in short order. He didn't exactly play a whole lot but he was incredibly fun to be around.


Pumpkin - Jerusalem (2 week House Sit)

Pumpkin here was rescued from Kosovo where some kids were treating her like a football. Now she comes and goes as she pleases, puts Poppy in her place, and takes no guff. Sweet as pie, but shy. Her owners said we would be lucky to get her to perch on our knee, but Zac worked some connections and had her full on asleep in his lap purring by week two.

Visa Vis Travel House sitting Pet Profiles

BABA, - Los Angeles (10 Day house Sit)

It was difficult to get a decent photo of Baba that didn't have one of our hands in the way. Baba was the best. So soft and regal and sweet and funny and talkative. Loves: making YOU chase the ball; belly scratches, food, Jill's laptop keys; greeting us at the door with a meow, food, having his picture taken. Baba and his parents have set the bar extremely high for any future house sits we do!

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