Our stay at Porto Republica Hostel

Porto Republica Hostel & Suites

We loved our room at the Porto Republica Hostel & Suites. The building is absolutely gorgeous, it’s in a good location, the mattresses are foam and super comfy and we had a balcony. What more could one ask for?!

So this being a hostel and all, they had several room options that featured bunk beds and seemingly enough common bathrooms to cover all those people. Our room was for two people with a private bath. There are just some things that we prefer not to do and sharing a bathroom is one of them. We can be princesses sometime, right?

We arrived to the hostel straight from the airport, which was a very easy cab ride in. The lovely guy at the front desk told us we cannot check in until 2pm but we could leave our bags until that time and go grab some lunch. He then provided us with a map of the area along with many restaurant recommendations that would prove incredibly tasty and useful. So we headed off down the street to one of his recommendations for lunch. Read about our restaurant recommendations (ok his recommendations) here.

We returned to the hostel just after 2 and were able to check in right away. Our room was small but provided enough space for both of us to do some really well tailored yoga each morning. We had a vintage fireplace that proved a great storage area for my backpack and the balcony that overlooked the hills was a welcome treat. The balcony also overlooked the garden when one can eat breakfast or just hang out as well. Be warned that people smoke out in the garden below and the smoke sometimes travels up to the balcony area. The other fantastic aspect of this balcony was that it overlooked the roof on a low building behind the hostel. Each day a cadre of six cats would gather on this roof to sleep and preen and perhaps eat French fries that were left for them, until dinner time when they would disappear into the streets to be fed some more. We watched these cats whenever we returned to the room and it was a great way to enjoy the sun, wind and get our cat fix in.

More than just providing us a portal for cat viewing, the Porto Republica Hostel & Suites also provided breakfast each morning. There’s a common kitchen where one can keep supplies and prep their own food (an option we did not exercise) and also where breakfast is served each morning. There’s a selection of cereals, breads, meats, hard-boiled eggs and cheeses and, of course, sweets. I was amazed at the number of people who were staying in the hostel. Other than hearing people enter and exit the bathroom (there was a common bathroom right outside our room) and hearing talking throughout the night, we really had no idea how many people were here at any given time. Breakfast was a great way to get to see so many people and try to determine where they’re from.

The service at the hostel was also really amazing. We spoke to Pedro (I think that’s the name of the original guy who checked us in) several times and he helped us book a table at an amazing tapas place. There’s someone at the desk 24 hours a day, though they may be sleeping downstairs in the wee hours of the morning. You need to buzz to gain passage through the front door, and we had only one time where they did not promptly answer.

Oh, one negative thing about the stay. The wifi was total shit in our room so we had to plant ourselves in the common areas near the router for business calls and general wifiery. It’s not a huge deal, but caused this introvert to be a little more available for conversation than I am accustomed to. Fortunately, no introverts were hurt during this stay at the hostel.

Images of the Porto Republica Hostel

Because we continue to be absolute rubbish at remembering to take photos of the places we stay, we will instead show you images of the cats we watched from our balcony. Their sleeping patterns changed depending on the time of day. Needless to say, this provided endless amounts of entertainment for us.