Porto - An Overview


It was instant love when we arrived in Porto. This was the first stop on our Portuguese tour, and what a great way to start out. We wasted no time in getting down to the hard task of wandering the city - we popped into a wine tour a few hours after landing! We consistently recommend taking a walking tour or food tour as one of the first things when arriving in a new location, and while the substance of the tour itself was "meh", the access to several parts of the city and local businesses was perfection. This love affair continued for the next few days as we continued our wandering. Porto (indeed all of Portugal) seems to be rebuilding itself and seems to have a lot in the way of possibilities. We were entranced by the buildings and the beauty of this hilly town and will definitely be back.

Good To Know

Good to know - Porto.png

Things To Do

  • Oooh and ahh at the amazing tiles that cover the buildings
  • Eat petiscos - Portugal's version of tapas
  • Take a Port wine tour
  • Wander the (hilly) streets
  • Take the old fashioned tram
  • Walk across the Ponte Luis 1 bridge for amazing views of the city 

Our Experience

Our Experience - Porto.png