Republic of Georgia

I keep seeing more and more about the Republic of Georgia in travel news. Certainly we weren't blazing any trails when we came here, but this is still a relatively untraveled place. That is about to change. The press is touting the wine culture, ski opportunities, beautiful countryside, amazing food and friendly people all as reasons to come and explore what Georgia has to offer.  Not to mention all the ancient castles and fortresses dotting the mountainous landscape.

There is so much to do in this small country that even in a month's time you've just gotten a taste. And that's the thing about Georgia; it seems for many people a taste of this place is not enough. Many people reportedly come for a few weeks and stay for months or even years.

There's quite a few expats here from all over the world making their way in cultural and culinary pursuits. It seems like Georgia is on the cusp of some really big changes. They're pushing hard to get into the EU and everyone you talk to seems super excited for that eventuality. We're excited for them, but hope they can hold on to what makes this place so unique. 


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Details on Regions visited

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