Our favorite street art in Rome

As we wandered around Rome we were so surprised at the volume of street art that exists around town. I didn't think of Rome as a place one would find so much street art. I should have as I found quite a lot about it online while I was doing my research. But I got caught up in the classic stuff and forgot all about seeking out one of my favorite aspects of any city. It seems stencils and wheat paste posters are most common, though we did see a fair amount of good old fashioned painting as well. It was fantastic to clean my eyes with some modern pieces as I wandered the ruins and frescoes of this ancient city.

Note: I did not see a whole lot of names/tags of the artists who created these beautiful works. If you know who they are please let us know. 

Street Art Roundup: Rome

Street Art Series by Herbert Baglione: Testaccio

The street art below was created by the same artist, Herbert Baglione, and appears on one long wall in the Testaccio neighborhood. We fell in love with these murals and took photos of almost every single one.  They are so haunting and filled with dream like symbols.

What about you. Have you been to Rome? Did you notice the street art at all, or were you totally consumed (as we often were) with the ancient ruins all around and under your feet?