Where we stayed - Seoul

Most of our time in Seoul and its surrounding areas was spent house sitting. We were sitting in the Songdo are of Incheon for 10 days and while there secured another sit in Seoul proper for another 10 days. We hadn't planned for the second house sit when we started out on our South Korea adventure, so we planned a week's stay in Seoul before heading to Incheon. Here's the skinny on where we stayed during our first go round in the city.

The first thing you'll notice when looking for a place to stay in Seoul is that there are tons of options and tons of neighborhoods. It's super overwhelming to try to find the area that will best suit your needs when you know very little about the place itself. The next thing you'll notice is the wide variance in pricing across lodgings. We did our research and selected a fabulous little apartment in Gangnam. 


Now, all I really knew about Gangnam was that there was a K-pop song that references "Gangnam Style" that hit it big in the States. I've never heard the song but I sort of wondered to myself if I really wanted to stay in an area that garnered such a worldwide sensation. Trepidations aside, the price and offering at The Sweet Castle apartment had us booking there immediately.

First off, this doesn't seem to be a one off vacation rental type situation. It's in a huge apartment building and it seems like all units on the floor are vacation rentals. We fell in love with the place instantly. There's keyless entry to the ground floor and apartment itself (they'll furnish you with the proper codes to punch in) and the door says something to you when you open it. I don't know what it is since it's in Korean, but I really enjoyed it.

We were then even more pleased once we stepped inside. The apartment is small for sure, but there's so much storage and a thoughtful use of space that allows for everything two people would need. There's a sleeping loft upstairs and if you are tall you would surely have some issues here. Even at 5'4" and 5'6" we needed to bend over when walking up there, but could sit fully upright without any issues. 

The sleeping nook at the Sweet Castle Apartment

The bathroom is super nice and the kitchen has just what you would need to make yourself at home. The location is incredibly walkable to several public transport options, which is really nice. We spent no time in the local area, but instead took public transport to the other side of the river everyday. 

Even though the apartment wasn't located near anything we wanted to do or eat, we still loved our stay. We would definitely chose The Sweet Castle apartment again in the future.

Note: There's no sponsorship or kickback to the hotel here. Just wanted to share our opinion on where we stayed so it might help someone else who's looking.