Incheon Art Platform

While doing some reading about Incheon's Chinatown, I came across a brief mention of something called "Incheon Art Platform" and was instantly intrigued. I have been feeling somewhat starved for art these days and based on the photos of the buildings was quite excited to add this onto our adventure into Chinatown. 

Visiting the Incheon Art Platform War Memorial Korea

Here's a bit about the Incheon Art Platform according to Visit Korea's website: "Incheon Art Platform is located in Haean-dong of Incheon known for its well-preserved architectural heritage sites and buildings that display both ancient and modern architecture. The complex was established through remodeling buildings constructed in the 1930s and 1940s, and by revamping such landmark buildings as Nippon Yusen Kaisah (Cultural Property No. 248) from the days when Korea first opened its doors to the outside world. The 13 buildings, including studios, library, training center, exhibition and performance halls, that make up Art Platform are expected to develop into a huge street museum in the future, thereby preserving the historical establishments, while displaying the modern interpretation of the past."

The Art Platform itself takes up a couple of blocks and has buildings on the right and lefthand sides of a pedestrian only street. Many of the buildings have sculptures in front or on the buildings themselves. Sounds great, right?

View down the Incheon Art Platform Street

Well, in some ways it is great. I think the concept is fabulous and the buildings really are very distinct for the area and are very cool. Unfortunately, there's just not a lot going on yet for visitors. Or maybe we missed out because we don't speak Korean and the signs are generally not in English. Whatever the case, we found most buildings were closed or didn't contain any art that we could see. One sign in English did state that the studios are open one time per year. One time per year! Oh to be so lucky to hit that date when visiting. 

We were able to go into one gallery and both really enjoyed the pieces that were on display. It was a combined show of three artists, I think put on by the Incheon Foundation for Arts & Culture. I couldn't discern the name of the gallery and the woman who was working at the front door didn't say anything to us when we came in or while we wandered around. 

We ended up coming back over here the next day as we wandered around town a bit more. I think we both wanted to see if coming later in the week (Thursday versus Tuesday) would make a difference in what was open. Sadly, it did not. But our return visit did have us noticing some things we had not seen on our previous trip. There was something about this area that pulled me in but also that let me down. I am interested to see what this can become; I want so much more for it.


Seen on our second trip, the back of a recycled plastic tapestry. This really sent Jill's mind running.