Electricity Strikes Back - Or How to Fry the Blender

I am afraid of electricity. There, I said it. Not so afraid that I won't use it or anything like that, but if it comes to repairs or things going wrong with electricity I sort of back away and cower in a corner. And so it was that I found myself being "one upped" by the electricity in France.

It was with total glee that I found an American plug adaptor in the house we were at in Brittany, France. We had been using our own adaptor for so long that it was starting to make some really funky sounds. So this was a super welcome discovery; I could now charge my laptop or phone while using it in the kitchen! Such luxury!

And so I found myself, one day, wanting to blend something in the blender and thought this would be a perfect solution. The house has some American outlets and proper voltage in the utility room and the blender was fitted for such outlets (not the French ones). So whenever I wanted to use it, I needed to do so in the utility room. But not now that I found this adaptor! Or so I thought. 

Caution! This won't work here!

Caution! This won't work here!

I was so excited with the thought of blending in the kitchen that I didn't consider the fact that this was merely an adaptor for low wattage appliances, not the likes of a blender. Without any other thoughts in my head other than the pure joy of blending in the kitchen, I went ahead and plugged that blender into the adaptor.  I hit the "On" button and whoosh. A huge popping sound and some sparks. Hmmm...Yikes, the entire circuit in the kitchen was thrown. It took me a few minutes to figure this out, but it was once I noticed that the fridge and the stove weren't working that I realized I had caused more of an outage that just the wall outlet.

Ok. So I flipped the circuit and the kitchen started humming again. I was not to be deterred. I wanted to blend. So off into the utility room to use the "proper" outlets. So, I plugged in the blender, pressed the "On" button and was truly surprised to see smoke coming from the motor. I quickly turned that off and decided my blending might be best suited for another appliance. 

This was not to be my day for using appliances, however, and while I didn't fry the next appliance I tried (food processor) I did manage to shoot shrimp water out the lid. Still undaunted I moved on to a lower tech option; a mortar and pestle. I'd had enough of appliances for one day.