Where We Stayed - Lloyd's Inn

I found selecting a hotel for our stay in Singapore to be a bit overwhelming. There were so many options and so many areas to choose from. There are so many huge hotels and high end hotels on offer that are just not for us or well outside our budget. After much searching, I finally found Lloyd's Inn in the Orchard area and decided to book.

First, the Orchard area is not really my cup of tea. There are so many malls and shops and chain restaurants that it just feels really touristic as you wander around. But luckily, Singapore is filled with green spaces and one can even find refuge to some greenery even amongst all the shops. One thing that I did like about the area, was that it provided good access to public transport and seemed fairly centrally located. It was easy for us to get to Chinatown, the Arab district, Marina Bay gardens and even up to the Botanic Gardens. Lloyd's Inn itself, is tucked off the main streets in a residential area that just feels really nice. There's even an empty lot next door that is so beautifully filled with trees and other greenery. Stepping into the Lloyd's property feels like you're a world away from all that shopping.

The seclusion of Lloyd's Inn thanks to a vacant lot of trees and bushes.

The seclusion of Lloyd's Inn thanks to a vacant lot of trees and bushes.

What appealed to us most about Lloyd's Inn was the aesthetic. It's clean and modern without being stuffy or cold. There's a pool and sitting area outside (though it proved too humid and rainy for us to use the area) and the gardens are beautiful.

We reserved the "library" room which I think just means it's pretty small with a chair for sitting. We liked the room straight away - the bed is a raised platform with drawers underneath, there's a hanging clothes bar in the main living area and a chair for doing some reading. The one element to the room we did not care for is the shower/toilet area. It's open to the outside. Now this sounds like a lovely thing - showering while listening to the birds or to the rain with plants just to your right, but in actuality it just made the room air conditioner have to work that much harder. The door to the shower/toilet room had a gap and the intense humidity just came seeping out of there. There are signs indicating to "keep the door closed to prevent condensation" but even though we diligently did this, the ceiling just outside the bathroom was dripping wet all the time. And the toilet was in that room too. So we had to go to the bathroom in the humidity which, sure, doesn't sound that bad, but when you've been out sweating all day needing to go to the bathroom in the same humidity is not so nice.

The other thing to note is that breakfast is not served on site. At check-in, we were given voucher cards to take to one of two restaurants that are about 5 minutes away. One of the restaurants serves a traditional Singaporean breakfast of kaya toast (bread cooked over coals and then slathered in a mixture of sugar, coconut milk, pandan and eggs) and soft boiled eggs. The other place is a bakery, but we never ate there (partly because they opened at 8am and frankly, I am hungry well before then and partly because you need to pay more in order to get a full breakfast) so have no idea of their offer. This situation suited us just fine and we loved having our breakfast amongst all the locals. 

Overall we really enjoyed our stay at Lloyd's Inn. The people who worked there were really nice and we did feel relaxed in our room. It was a great stay despite the massive amounts of condensation.