South Korea

South Korea was on our list for a while but, honestly, it wasn't somewhere we have been wanting to go forever. We knew we wanted to head back to Asia and Korea was at the top of our list. So when we secured a house sit outside of Seoul we knew it was meant to be.

For some reason, I had a massively difficult time planning any of our time here. I had read about how accessible everything is by public transport, but frankly, it all just seemed so unaccessible. I truly have no idea why I was struggling so much. Perhaps it's because there is just so much to do! The country is absolutely beautiful and has activities to suit everyone's needs - outdoor enthusiasts would be hard pressed to find nicer hikes (South Koreans' favorite past-time) and shoppers will delight in all the commerce in cities big and small.

And the food! While vegetarians may have a hard time finding options outside of the larger cities, it's still possible and the food options are amazing. South Korea proved difficult to plan, but not at all difficult to enjoy.

Helpful Tidbits About South Korea

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Details on Regions visited

Read, see and hear more about the regions we visited in South Korea.