We never heard anyone express a deep longing to come to Taiwan.  Sure, we all know about Taiwan - it's difficult history with China - but we don't necessarily include Taiwan on the list of places that must be visited. We got a wild hair about visiting Taiwan when we decided to visit both South Korea and Japan. I mean, why not explore Taiwan? It's right here.

So we started doing some research and grew more and more convinced that we must visit. We're so glad that we did. There's a complex history for the island that includes the Portuguese, the Dutch, the Japanese and, of course, the Chinese. But before all of these settlers, there were Aboriginal people who were much more in line with the Maori than with any of the surrounding areas. 

Geographically, the island is lush and mountainous and beachy. Taipei is totally cosmopolitan and is one of the most amazing Asian cities we've visited. People are welcoming and hospitable and we just instantly fell in love with the place. We were so smitten, in fact, we started talking about coming back after only two days in town.

Helpful Tidbits About Taiwan

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Details on Regions visited

Read, see and hear more about the regions we visited in Taiwan.