Tel Aviv - An Overview

Tel Aviv

We weren't sure quite what to expect when we arrived in Tel Aviv. What we found is a vibrant, young city that seems perpetually on the cusp of developing into something more. The buildings are a bit ramshackle and there seems to be construction everywhere you turn, but the vibe of Tel Aviv is incredible. You can really feel the energy of the sea everywhere you go; you'll even see people in swim wear and carrying surf boards down the streets. The streets and restaurants really come alive late in the evenings (too late for us, to be honest) as it seems everyone just pours out into the open to socialize. It's really a mesmerizing place; we felt like we were alternately in Mexico City and Southern California. But with a distinctly Tel Aviv flair.

Good To Know

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Things To Do

  • Beach time at the sea
  • Have a juice and/or pileta
  • Visit the old city of Jaffa
  • Browse the Nachlat Binyamin art market on Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Search for street art in the Florentin neighborhood
  • Wander the streets
  • Have lunch at Birenbaum Cafe
  • Take a walking tour of Bauhaus architecture with the Bauhaus Center
  • Visit the Carmel Market, the Sarona Market and the Levinksy Market

Our Experience

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