Tel Aviv, City of Balconies

Tel Aviv Balcony Roundup

This may be the first ever roundup of balconies you've ever seen. It's certainly the first one we've ever written. But after wandering through the streets around Dizengoff on our Bauhaus Center walking tour, it hit us - Tel Aviv is a city of balconies!

Bauhaus Tel Aviv Style: Balconies & Rooftop Garden!

Bauhaus Tel Aviv Style: Balconies & Rooftop Garden!


Why Are There So Many Balconies in Tel Aviv?

Balconies are a key element to the international style of architecture set forth by the Bauhaus movement, but in Tel Aviv has taken them to a whole new level. This is due mainly to the warm subtropical climate that necessitates architectural features that provide shade. Such as a balcony.

Most of the balconies have slits or holes in the to allow airflow into the apartment. The balconies also serve as shade for the apartment below.

The balconies in Tel Aviv also give the impression of a city whose life is lived outside while still remaining private and secure from whatever is happening on the street below. You can see out and down, you can see your neighbors, but you don't have to interact with them. It's also a great place to hang your laundry.

The massive amounts of balconies in Tel Aviv serves to give the city a unified look. Their mere ubiquitousness becomes the style of the city.

Tell us: Have you been to Tel Aviv? Have you noticed all the balconies?