An Afternoon in Huelgoat

We wouldn't recommend spending only an afternoon in Huelgoat - there is just way too much to do - but a few hours hiking and visiting the weekly market was enough to make us want to come back and spend more time.


Misty Lake Huelgoat, Brittany France

Huelgoat is one of the few ancient forests remaining in France, or in Europe for that matter. The majority of the old forests here have been eaten up by farms. Needless to say a visit to Huelgoat was high on our list.

We had read that Huelgoat is home to a hike along a river strewn with gigantic boulders covered in moss. While this is true, we also found the town itself has a wonderful market filled with amazing cheese, bread, fresh seafood and seasonal veggies.

Oh, and Huelgoat has a little lake (pictured above) that was covered magically in mist that had dissipated by the time we returned from our 5km walk through the boulders.

Huelgoat Mossy Boulder
Huelgoat Church, Huelgoat France (Brittany)


We are just scratching the surface with the hiking in Huelgoat, which is also home to some solid Arthurian legend! Luckily we are here for 3 more months so will have plenty of time to return and explore more.

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