A Short Visit to Morlaix, France

We've only been in Brittany for a few days now, but once we established a routine at our home base in Poullaouen, we were ready to take some day trips. And day trip in Brittany you must. There is just so much to see. Such as the big little town of Morlaix, France.

Morlaix, France

It's one thing to read about a town and to see some pictures and another matter entirely to walk those cobblestone streets and climb those terraced hills. Morlaix is no exception in this regard. You will read about the viaduc and the hills of Morlaix. But be ready to feel dwarfed by the enormity of the viaduct and feel the burn of climbing up and down the twisty inclines.

Morlaix Viaduct

Walking the Morlaix Aquaduc

To be honest one of the main reasons we came to Morlaix in the first place was to see their Christmas market. Thanks to a series of turns we managed to come quite close to it without seeing it and wound up wandering one of several self guided walks. And low and behold we spied the market from the height of the middle passage on the viaduct.

Morlaix Viaduct towering over Morlaix

As big as the Morlaix viaduct is, you can't really see it from all points in the town or even on the approach. But given how hilly the town of Morlaix is, you can climb to the the very top to catch the train or climb further down and walk through it end to end. It really is quite spectacular and worth a visit.

Morlaix Viaduct in the Distance

You should visit Morlaix just for the aquaduct, but stay for the impressive walks through the town, the cider, the galettes for lunch and any number of chocolates after that.

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