Weekly Market in Carhaix, France

On our third full day in Brittany we made it to, you guessed it, another market!

The market in Carhaix is by far the biggest we've seen so far and is complete with many vendors selling seafood, cheese, breads and fresh local veggies. I'm kicking myself now for not snapping a picture of the huge cauliflowers that are only 1 euro and blindingly white. 

Carhaix Weekly Market Brittany Endive

There is fresh seafood the likes of which we haven't seen outside of Japan. And by that we mean living fish, langoustines, crabs, lobsters and scallops.

We bought a few and were asked if we wanted them cleaned. Here is a video of that process.


Street Art Carhaix, France

Upon leaving the market we wandered down a side street and found a mural that appears to be carved out of the black moss growing on the wall. A really unique approach and brilliantly executed. Quite a surprise to see some street art in Carhaix!

Street Art Carhaix France

The market in Carhaix was quite nice and over time we do think this will become our regular market, but the town itself could hold enough interest to keep us coming back for more than just fresh fish and veggies!

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