The Charming Town of Locronan, France

Locronan in January

Let's start with the fact that it's January. And in Brittany, it seems that there are a lot of places that are closed in January. Our visit to Locronan was no exception to the January closures; though upon further inspection, it seems many businesses in this charming town hold out until March or April to re-open their doors. Another fact of our visit to Locronan in January was that it was cold and overcast. This looked to be the best day for a week's stretch in which to make a journey to the town, but once we got there, the wind was so biting that we decided to shorten our trip. 

Having said all this, none of these "issues" took anything away from the charm of Locronan. I think Zac and I both exclaimed "this is so amazing" the second we stepped out of the car. We parked at the far end of town and had planned on doing the walk around town and up into the hills for a fantastic view. But the aforementioned biting wind changed our plans. We decided to do the town wandering, have lunch, and leave the additional walk to the hills for another day. 

The Locronan "Discovery Tour" walk is marked in red

The Locronan "Discovery Tour" walk is marked in red

Walking Through Locronan

The "town walk" is called the "Discovery Tour" and takes about 35 minutes. I can't say for certain if this time is accurate because we were both super fast and super slow in our walking. It seemed that every few steps we would take we would exclaim "ah, this building is amazing" or "did you see this?" and start snapping photos. I was relieved to find my phone still acknowledged my frozen fingertips and took the photos.

Locronan is a member of Les Plus Beaux Villages de France, which basically means that it's one of the most beautiful villages in France. I would love to see the other member towns, as after a few short hours we were ready to move here.

As we wandered around Locronan we found fantastic trees that wind around an entire building and onto the next, figurines above archways, a small, charming chapel (Notre Dame de Bonne Nouvelle), a gorgeous church (Eglise St Ronan) and the Surrealist painter Yves Tanguy's house. Even the public toilette spaces here are charming. We mostly kept to the "Discovery Tour"'s path as marked on the map provided by the tourist office, but have a few diversions of our own. 

Lunch in Locronan

The chill and hunger started to sink in so we decided to stop for lunch. There were a few spots that were open but I only had interest in having a galette. I have become slightly obsessed with this regional food of Brittany, and have been eating them up as often as I can. Some people have reported galette/crepe fatigue and uttering a wish to never consume one again; I have not yet reached that point and was so happy to find the creperie Le Temps Passe open. The space was warm, inviting and, of course, charming. There were several other couples seated at tables when we arrived and still more who came after us. Two of them were greeted with kisses and a great deal of tenderness. We hoped to be greeted as such the next time we visit. And there will be a next time. These were some of the best crepes we have had while here in Brittany, and one of the best cidres as well. We decided to limit ourselves to our savory "main dish" galettes instead of adding a dessert crepe because we had other plans for adding to our waistlines.

Zac's pomme takes a ride

Zac's pomme takes a ride

Pastries at Le Gaillou Alain, Locronan

We sadly left the comfy confines of our creperie and wandered back into the cold. We decided to simply head to the bakery I had researched (and was open!) and then back to the car. Le Gaillou Alain is on the main square near the Eglise St Ronan. We were so glad they were open because their baked goods were so good. I continued my quest to try as many pain aux raisins as I can and Zac ordered a pomme (flaky croissant like crust with a layer of apple and glazed top). Both were excellent though my pain aux raisins was still not as good as the one from Morlaix.

As we both started to get colder, we decided it was time to leave the village and head back to the car. We will definitely be back to this charming town, hopefully when it's a bit warmer!


Assorted Images of Locronan, France

Locronan Church Bells

While we were standing in town, trying to figure out what we wanted to do next, the church bells began to strike for 2pm. We loved the echo of the bells around the granite buildings and cobbled streets. Just toward the end of the recording of these beautiful bells, a car drove by. Ugh. The realities of modern life butting in on my "moment".