Brittany - An Overview

We had the amazing fortune of house sitting in Brittany for three months. This meant we were able to hang out and take our time to experience what this place has to offer. And there is a lot - standing stones older than Stonehenge, varying types of coastline, charming historic towns, significant churches - the list could go on. There are so many reasons Brittany should be on a list of must see places in France. 

Good to Know

Good to know - Brittany (7).png

Things to Do:

  • Ride your bike along the many cycle routes
  • Tour the many charming villages
  • Walk in the Monts d'Arrees
  • Walk in the footsteps of Gauguin in Pont-Aven
  • Walk the Crozon Coast (All coasts for that matter)
  • Buy fresh oysters, scallops and mussels
  • Stand amidst a 20' tall menhir
  • Stand amongst stones that are older than Stonehenge
  • Visit the Parrish Closes that dot the region

Our Experience:

Our Experience - Brittany.png