How To Entertain A Chicken

Yes, This IS a Guide to Entertaining Chickens

It would seem that everybody in Brittany is keeping chickens. Not in a WWII-food-rationing kind of way, but in a rescue kind of way. These are battered chickens. And don't go salivating when I say battered. I don't mean beer, and I don't mean chicken fingers. I truly mean rescued from imminent death, the big chicken run in the sky.

The chickens we are caring for during our house sit were marked for deletion at their previous home. Not just them, but a total of about 7,000 of their sisters had been deemed obsolete. The reasons for this are justification for another post. Because this post is supposed to be about entertaining chickens!

Why Do Chickens Need Entertaining?

Point being, our chickens here are in dire need of some entertainment. They've escaped one imminent death and now await another more natural kind. But before that happens, they need to be entertained.

If chickens aren't entertained they, like humans, become bored and destructive. They peck each other mercilessly, and on occasion to death. It ain't pretty. They need to be kept busy. They aren't incredibly smart, therefore Sudoku isn't an option.

How to Entertain a Chicken. Step 1

How To Entertain A Chicken

First, find a log and some nails. Ideally a piece of wood that won't move around too much, that is face high to a chicken.

Drive your nails into the log at what you determine to be convenient intervals that allow for multiple chickens to peck at the same time.

Once you are satisfied with the placement, feel free to jam some root vegetable on the end of the nail. This is more satisfying than you would ever imagine. I mean, it was for me.

Once your chickens discover that they have unfettered access to a root vegetable, they will go nuts. Our chickens especially enjoy cabbage and cauliflower.

How to Entertain a Chicken. Step 2

Well I guess there isn't really a step two. I covered everything in step one. So maybe the second part to chicken entertainment is your own entertainment. Sit back and watch them go bonkers over how clever you are! Say to them: this is what you can do when you have thumbs and a brain bigger than a walnut!

The first time we did this the cabbage lasted two days. The last time we put one out it was gone by nightfall, core and all.

So tell us. Do you have experience raising chickens? Do you have tricks on how to entertain them?