The Negev Desert & Dead Sea - An Overview

The Negev Desert & Dead Sea

The desert and Dead Sea. Sounds a bit like a crime or mystery novel. But no. These were just two places we spent some time in while on our travels throughout Israel. We've combined them here for relative efficiency and because for some reason they go hand in hand. We stopped at the Dead Sea on our drive down to the Negev Desert from Jerusalem. Maybe this is what makes them linked for us. Maybe it's the fact that as you look out from Masada you see the Dead Sea right there. It feels omnipresent, but is not. It seems like a mirage, but is not. Both the Negev Desert and the Dead Sea seem like really harsh, unlikely places for people to settle. And they are harsh indeed. But they are both so beautiful in their own way that one can start to understand the draw humans have felt to this area for millenia.

Good To Know

Good to know - Desert%2FDead Sea.png

Things To Do

  • Hike to the waterfalls of the Ein Gedi reserve
  • Have a camel ride into the desert
  • Stargaze at the amazing dark sky
  • View the Nabatean ruins at Mamshit National Park
  • View the ruins at Avdat National Park
  • Explore the Beit Guvrin caves
  • Climb Masada 
  • Cover yourself in the mud of the Dead Sea
  • Have a float in the Dead Sea
  • Take the wine trail down route 40
  • See the crater at Makhtesh Ramon
  • Touch the gorgeous earth in the Colored Sands

Our Experience

Our Experience - Desert%2FDead Sea.png