Storm Tide by Marge Piercy and Ira Wood

Zac's Take

I picked this book up from a friend who recommended it on a whim. She isn't one of those people who suggest a book and a movie and you know they are your opposite, so you put those suggestions in the "don't ever see or read this" category. 

No. I trust this friend. She is smart and thoughtful and concise. That said, I wish I remembered what she said when she gave me Storm Tide

Here is what I know. It's well written. Both authors are professional writers and they've collaborated before on a play. There is just so much detail that they give you that at first seems unnecessary, but it really creates this textured world in which these characters move.

There is some clumsy sex scenes and some unbelievable dialogue, but I don't think anybody can write convincingly about sex. The sex scenes in here are terrible. Cringe worthy. You'll want to read them out loud and laugh, even if it's only the cat you are reading to. 

As my friend said to me after I read this: "it's really hard to write about sex in a way that's not weird. it's either like you're reading a medical journal or some porno written by giggling 13-year-olds." Ain't that the truth.

But the novel still works despite these little outbursts. The plot moves along and the characters are believable. There is a sense of place and the descriptions are vivid. 

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Jill's Take

I whole-heartedly agree with Zac about the sex in this book. I'm not sure it really needed to be there and I sort of felt like I was reading a "romance novel" that should have a shirtless, long-haired muscular fellow on the cover. But, luckily the cover was not as such and the sex scenes were few.

Regardless of the above, however, I found myself really enjoying this book and, in fact, wanting to continue reading it. The characters and scenes were really well drawn and the plot was thin but interesting. Granted, I was reading this the week of the election and there is a political aspect to the story, so maybe the parallels kept me going.

I didn't really like the characters in the book but I enjoyed how they were written. You could see the desperation of one of the females characters coming for miles and I found myself warning the male lead to just save himself from her crazy. But of course he didn't listen to me and went foolishly forward with her. This is never going to turn out well, and in fact, does not. 

One of the more interesting parts of the plot involves the relationship between a married couple. The husband is dying and is trying to ensure his wife will be "taken care of" when he is gone. The wife begins a long time affair with the lead male character and several moments of moral questioning are raised. The book isn't preachy nor does it suggest this type of relationship is for everyone. 

As I read the book, I found myself thinking about relationships, how we manage our mortality, family relations, political alliances, manipulation, etc. Overall, a good read.