Travel Roulette No. 9 - Irish Wolfhound Bantry Ireland

Irish Wolfhound named Ghost.

Irish Wolfhound named Ghost.

Travel Roulette No. 9: Irish Wolfhound Bantry Ireland

As professional house sitters who have a fair number of sits under our belts, we’ve kinda developed a short list of what types of pets and places we dream about.

Our sit in Bantry, Ireland, was one such dream house sit. because it was for an Irish Wolfhound and a Chihuahua.

When Jill saw the listing come up online, we just knew we had to drop all previous notions of travel trajectory to apply for this. And we got it!

We were told that the wolfhound we were sitting for was a runt, but we didn’t see her that way as the nearest dog we could compare her to was the chihuahua.

When the homeowners came back, they took us over to the neighbors horse farm to meet Ghost, who was decidedly NOT a runt.

He was so excited to see us that he nearly knocked us down. I don’t think he has a lot of friends except for horses. If I remember correctly, he weighs 70 kilo, which is as much as me, if not more. He ran around the yard you see here, and jumped on his bed inside, which was quite honestly a queen size human bed.

He was big and sweet and dirty and so damn big. I don’t think i’ll ever see a bigger dog again.