Travel Roulette No. 8 - Norval Foundation, Cape Town, South Africa

Norval Foundation Cape Town Travel Roulette

Travel Roulette No. 8: Norval Foundation, Cape Town, South Africa

I don’t remember the name of the artist, so had to look it up on the Norval Foundation website, but haven’t had any luck in their exhibits, past or present. I’ll keep digging when I’m done posting this and will update it accordingly.

UPDATE: Artist is Wim Botha

We visit a lot of museums and galleries on our travels - it is, besides food, one of our major preoccupations.

So it’s rare that we find a gallery that makes us stare in fascination with every piece, like this one did.

These pieces were piles of old books that were skewered together with metal rods and then cut and shaped to be faces like old time busts of rich and powerful men.

Granted, I didn’t get best image to display this for you, but that’s what Travel Roulette is all about, right? It’s random!

There was one piece where the artist had made two fighting human forms made of rods and paper and suspended them in a Crouching Tiger flying fighting posture. You can walk around it and underneath it and it’s awesome.

Next time you are in Cape Town, check out the Norval Foundation - they do cool stuff in an interesting building.