Travel Roulette No. 4 - Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall in Norway

Travel Roulette No: 4: Steinsdalsfossen Waterfall in Norway

If there is one thing you should know about Norway is that there are waterfalls everywhere. You don’t need to go chasing them as you can just turn a corner and there they are. 

On our first trip to this water abundant country we were passing through yet another enormous tunnel (tip two about Norway: there are some long ass tunnels under the huge ass mountains!) when I made a prediction on what we would see when exiting into the daylight.  

“I bet there will be a clear lake on one side of the tunnel and at least one waterfall”. And sure enough, there they were. 

But this waterfall is different. It has a visitors center which is a modern angular building and a few houses turned into businesses selling things nobody needs like cups and tee shirts and crappy ice cream.  

 But we are in this just for the waterfalls.