Travel Roulette No. 7 - Espresso Martini at Breezeblocks, Johannesburg, South Africa

Espresso Martini at Breezeblocks Johannesburg

Travel Roulette No. 7: Espresso Martini at Breezeblocks, Johannesburg, South Africa

I watched the first few seasons of Sex in the City. There, I said it.

It was such a different perspective for us at the time - we were in our twenties living in Chicago and didn’t like most of what was on television at the time - Seinfeld (barf) and Friends (double barf) were so formulaic and banal compared to a bunch of slutty and repressed women taking New York by storm.

But they managed to take it a little too far for me. They ruined cupcakes and anything ending in “tini” and made it clear to me that the gritty New York that I had read about and had seen on occasion was gone and replaced by lines around the block for said cupcakes and neighborhoods filled with nothing but Airbnb’s.

So when I see an espresso martini or an appletini on a menu, I puke just a little bit in the same way that I run screaming from a restaurant that serves both sushi AND pad thai. Stick to one thing please, and do it well.

But Breezeblocks in Johannesburg just had this vibe. I don’t know what it was. Maybe it was the succulents and the dog friendly atmosphere that recalled LA, but I went for it. I felt like celebrating in the middle of the afternoon and wanted both a cocktail AND a boost of caffeine after a sleepless night comforting a shivering dog in a thunderstorm.

After drinking it, I felt a little bit like a balloon held down by just the right amount of ballast, floating out above the blossoming jacaranda trees rampant in Johannesburg.